The Fallout

The Fallout 2021.jpg

The Fallout is a good coming of age story that is interesting and not too heavy handed!!!

Real Rating:

4 Cellphone Vibrates

What I Like:

-Jenna Ortega playing a teenage girl recovering from a traumatic experience in regards to a school shooting, she played with a lot of genuine emotion, and made this coming of age story really authentic
-I can appreciate that the story was too heavy handed on the politics of school shootings, and showing how people grieve very differently, and go through recovery in different ways, it just let the story flourish the way it should be

The So So:

-For a coming of age story it did follow a familiar formula that it became predictable, but even then, getting there was still interesting to watch and see how it unravels

What I Didn’t Like:

-For a coming of age story, it always have their slow points, and this one was no different


I really enjoyed the true nature of this film. For a serious theme as school shootings, it wasn’t heavy handed and forcing their point down your throat. Instead, they let the story flow as it should, and show how different people grieve in their own way. Jenna Ortega acted tremendously, and sets the tone where it needs it be emotionally. I found it interesting in how it became a coming of age story, even though it had its tropes. In the end, it is a good watch, especially for people going through a traumatic experience!!!

Real Rating:

4 Cellphone Vibrates

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