Marry Me (Sidenote: Don’t Breathe 2)

A man and a woman walks past a concert poster featuring the woman.

Marry Me can be sweet at times, but it still doesn’t runaway from all the rom-com tropes!!!

Real Rating: 3 Owen Wilsons Living My Fantasies

What I Like:

-Owen Wilson always brings a charm to him, and his chemistry with Jennifer Lopez really brings out that charm
-Jennifer Lopez looks lovely as always

The So So:

-There were times where I thought it was sweet, but their were also times that had me cringe, the premise is ridiculous to begin with, but it had some genuine parts

What I Didn’t Like:

-It’s a rom-com, and it does have their tropes for a rom-com, it really couldn’t escape from it, but I shouldn’t be surprised, yet, I still fall for it, and I hate that


I love J.Lo and Owen Wilson, and they do spark some decent chemistry. However, rom-coms have to rom-com, and it couldn’t escape from it. Through all the cringe and the typical tropes, it does bring out some nice moments. Regardless, Owen Wilson is living a dream of mine. Darn you Owen Wilson!!!

Real Rating:

3 Owen Wilsons Living My Fantasies


(Sidenote: Don’t Breathe 2 – I may be in a rare breed where I enjoyed this one more than the original which was a surprise hit. I just found the story straight forward, and fast paced, and straight to the point. Plus it is bloody in a gratuitous way. I believe horror fans, though I don’t find this film to be horror, will probably enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Bludgeonings)

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