The Adam Project (Sidenote: Drive My Car)

The Adam Project has a lot of charm, but the story still is a cliched mess!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Worm Holes

What I Like:

-What really makes this movie works is the cast, starting with Ryan Reynolds who does add charm with his character and with the other characters, especially with Zoe Saldana who plays his wife, and Mark Ruffalo who plays his father, they actually give a good emotional touch and characterization
-The special effects and CGI for a Netflix film is amazing

The So So:

-Although it is funny with the dialogue, I’m not sure why Adam (Ryan Reynolds) is so rude to his younger self (Walker Scobell), he has been a victim of bullying which he does know first hand, but is still mean to him, to me that doesn’t bode well with his character at all, but it is entertaining in the ways of Ryan Reynolds

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is a typical time travel movie with all the cliches, all the things you shouldn’t do with time travel and it must be stopped, heck even Mark Ruffalo in a time travel movie is starting to become cliched, I mean it is hard to make a unique time travel movie, but you really can’t, nothing can beat the original story, The Time Machine


For a Netflix movie, it does bring a lot of good like the special effects and cgi, and the great acting and charm by everyone. The story is a cliched mess. It is something we have seen before, but it is hard to do on a story of time traveling. Regardless, I still believe it is a decent watch for the family. With Ryan Reynolds his charm can entertain you at the very least!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Warm Holes

(Sidenote: Drive My Car – This is my Oscar Watch. This Oscar nominated film for Best Picture and Best Foreign Film, and other awards. Unlike Parasite, this is more drama than action packed. There is some good substance and themes, but for a three our movie reading in subtitles, it drags a lot. The main theme of self-realization after a tragedy is intriguing, but I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if it didn’t drag so much!!!
Real Rating: 3 Chauffeurs)

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