Turning Red

Turning Red is fine for what it is, but for Pixar standards, it is not up to par!!!

Real Rating: 4 Boy Bands

What I Like:

-I like the representation it brings for an Asian-Canadian culture, I may not understand everything, and I do have a lot of questions, I can appreciate it for trying to teach us a new culture
-As usual with Pixar, the animation is top notch

The So So:

-The story really pertains to middle school pre-teen girls, and what they have to go through during that time period, I can see this being huge for that demographic, and I believe it does subtly hint on ladies hitting puberty and how drastic that can be for them, unfortunately for me, I’m not part of the demographic, let alone, I don’t have a daughter around that age, the story didn’t pertain to me, so I won’t get everything, but I’m fine with that, and willing to hear from people in who it pertains to

What I Didn’t Like:

– I do understand the big picture message it tries to bring about over bearing and protective parents, but the lesson here is what I don’t agree, the way I got is to live happy is to not listen to your parents once you get to a certain age? Maybe, I didn’t see it the right way, but I did see it twice and got the same conclusion, and if that is the message, I completely disagree with it
-Also, the emotional moments weren’t as impactful enough, for a Pixar movie, it didn’t have that tear jerker moment which is disappointing


This is a fine film for preteen girls and their parents. It is all about them, but unfortunately, it wasn’t for me. With that said, I did enjoy the new representation it brings. As a Pixar movie, I didn’t think it lived up to the Pixar standards, especially with the emotional route which it usually brings. Let alone that I didn’t quite get the big message, let alone agree with it. With all that said, I believe it is a fine film for the demographic, and I’m sure what I couldn’t relate, they can relate big time. So this film is for them!!!

Real Rating:

4 Boy Bands

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