The Outfit (Sidenotes: Parallel Mothers, Paw Patrol: The Movie, and National Champions)

The Outfit is as good as a mob story would get with their cliches!!!

Real Rating:

4 Shears

What I Like:

-The story of this film was executed greatly, it was thrilling, it kept you guessing, and the dialogue was witty enough to keep you engaged
-Another reason why this movie was engaging is the acting of Mark Rylance, his cool calm demeanor really made it an interesting character to see in this story about the mob, and all their aspects of what it had to do with his character
-There are some twists that payoff pretty well

The So So:

– There is a lot of dialogue that had me engaging mainly because of the demeanor of Mark Rylance’s character and the attitudes of the mobsters, with that said, the story can drag a little bit before some more thrills come back again, but it is minor drags which I can be patient for

What I Didn’t Like:

– It is cliched for a mob story which is why it can drag a bit


I really did enjoy this film. It is a simple mob story, but the dialogue and acting really kept it engaging. Once it gets to the thrilling parts, you really cared to see what will happen. Mark Rylance really graced the set in this picture, and shows why he is a joy to watch. Mob movies can get cliched, but this one is definitely worth a watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Shears

(Sidenote: Parallel Mothers – This is my last Oscar watch. This foreign film had a very interesting story about a relationship between two mothers who had their babies at the same time. As the story progressed, it does get interesting and tragic. Director Pedro Almodovar does know how to show emotion in his films, and this one was no different!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Spanish Babies)

(Sidenote: Paw Patrol: The Movie – When you lower your expectations, because of the type of movie it is, you can actually enjoy it. That is what I did, and it brings what you expect in a children’s movie. The animation is great, it is funny, and bottomline, it is a good film to watch with your family!!!
Real Rating: 4 Dog Biscuits)

(Sidenote: National Champions – This film is a political film about college football players and what they have to endure during their time playing college football. It is interesting to see how things go down when the pressure is on, and it does bring out great acting. Most notably J.K. Simmons as one of the head coaches. I didn’t like how it ended, but it does make you think about what really is going on behind closed doors!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Screw the NCAA)

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