Ambulance is Michael Bay at his finest, that may be a good thing or a bad thing depending who you are!!!

Real Rating:

3 Jake Gyllenhaals Yelling

What I Like:

-The action is Michael Bay at his finest, it reminded me of a classic car chase film, Speed, the car chase of police car and a ambulance was just pure chaos, and I’m here for it
-The acting was pretty good, I mean, if you have to be in a small place for long periods of time, it may take a toll on you, but the actors really gave it their all

The So So:

-The story was up and down for me, at times it is a full speed chase movie, but the beginning, middle, and end can seem either stupid at times, or scenes with a lot of heart and decent character development, it can mess with your emotions while watching this

What I Didn’t Like:

-The latter of Michael Bay at his finest, from beginning to end, there was so much quick edits, lens flares, crazy filming angles that it is exhausting, and for a two hour film, I was exhausted, it was a crazy ride that I wouldn’t do again
-This may be a love letter for the city of Los Angeles, but practically showing all what LA is with their cliched scenery and cinematography


As I said before, this is Michael Bay at his finest. That can either make you enjoy it, or be repulsed by it. To me I appreciate it for what it is. The action and suspense really kept me engaged. However, all of the crafts of Michael Bay’s filmmaking can leave you exhausted in the end. So take it as how you like it, but you can’t deny Michael Bay’s way of making movies. For better or worse!!!

Real Rating:

3 Jake Gyllanhaals Yelling