Father Stu

Father Stu had the right thoughts, but not the execution!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Priests

What I Like:

-I thought Mark Wahlberg’s acting was great, his character was intriguing, funny, and passionate, and I believe Wahlberg brought out his character of Father Stu passionately well, it kept me engaged to the story

The So So:

-I thought the story was intriguing enough in showing the story of Father Stu, but even though the character development was there, I felt the message sort of fell flat, it lacked some focused, and it was all over the place, yet I understood the main point which can be inspiring

What I Didn’t Like:

-I thought the people around Father Stu wasn’t developed well, some of them didn’t have a backstory while others had a backstory but didn’t quite end their story
-I felt they could’ve made the story flow well, and not jumbled up, this film could’ve been more impactful than it was


The thought of this film was there and I understood it. I thought Mark Wahlberg brought his best for this role. I felt the execution of everything else didn’t make it impactful as it should be. It just didn’t flowed well, and lacked depth from the other characters. However, if you looked past that, it can be something inspirational. It could’ve been more than that unfortunately!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Priests