Hope Lives

Hope Lives has a good message for everyone to watch, no matter what your spiritual faith is!!!

Real Rating:

4 Bully Sessions

What I Like:

-In the case for the topic of bullying, it is interesting to see the viewpoints of all the students and their experience with bullying, it shows how bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, and how hurtful it can be even if it is a short phrase of something unkind
-In the case for a faith based movie, I really like how it wasn’t too preachy with the word of God, but instead, it was the character development and doing what is right that shows being what a true Christian is all about
-The story is good, and the twists and turns make this story impactful

The So So:

-The fact that it is in Amazon, and not in theaters, we need to support the director, writer, and actor, Anthony Hackett, so he can continue doing what he does best and have his films in theaters, regardless, support him and rent the film on Amazon

What I Didn’t Like:

-The way some students handled their bullying situations I didn’t like, but watch it and see for yourself


This is not your average faith based movie. This deals with a universal topic, and really makes into something real and impactful. The faith message is there, but the way it was intertwined together makes it something for everyone. Doesn’t matter what your faith is, this topic needs to be addressed. I said it once, and I will say it again, support Anthony Hackett and his ministry. It’s worth the m