The Northman

The Northman is a bloody good time, even though I get lost in what is happening from time to time!!!

Real Rating:

4 Norse Words

What I Like:

-It’s everything I wanted it to be, an epic that has a lot of battle and violence, and it did not disappoint, for fans of gore, it is a bloody good time
-The acting was tremendous, especially Alexander Skarsgard and Claes Bang, their acting reminded me a lot of the film 300, and I love seeing two Nordic Warriors going at it with each other and making manly yells and growls (don’t judge me, you know what I mean)

The So So:

-Director Robert Eggers just love to darken his films like the early DC Extended Universe movies, I’m not a fan of films doing that, but in this case, it works for the sake of tone and story
-The transitions can be confusing to me and determining what is real and what is not, but it wasn’t too distracting either

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is a typical revenge and Hamlet type of storyline only with Norse warriors and crazy sorcery


Story may not be perfect, but everything else was really fun to watch. Seeing guys duking it out with swords and stuff, and seeing their expression of pride on their faces really gets your blood pumping. It is bloody and gory which is what I was expecting, and it delivered. The acting all around is great too, and when you put it all together, you get a fun movie. We haven’t had a film like this since 300, and I’m all for it!!!

Real Rating:

4 Norse Words

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