Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once is so crazy that works, once you get into the real story, it is something great to watch!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Bluetooth Headsets

What I Like:

-Once the movie started going, it was a trip to watch, all the crazy and weirdness happening really gets your attention, and keeps you engaged into trying to find out what is going on, the action is so much fun, you definitely won’t get bored
-Once you do know what is going, there is a good story in there, really a story of dealing with different views on life, fighting for what you believe in, and self actualization, it is interesting so see that through all the craziness
-The acting and the Asian representation makes this authentic, and brings a whole new angle into what the story is trying to say, Michelle Yeoh really brings it to life, and it is awesome to see

The So So:

-With the Asian representation, there may be some offensive things said or shown, though it is very minimal, however, did it work for the story, I can say yes for the self actualization reasons

What I Didn’t Like:

-Did I mention that this movie is crazy, so crazy that if you blink you will miss something, though I enjoy movies that do that, if you are watching it in theaters, people with weak bladders may miss something (I know, a little nitpicky)


This movie is so weird, so crazy, that it works. It starts off with all the craziness, and it ends with a thought provoking story. I haven’t even mentioned the whole multiverse thing which is the reason for all the craziness. In the end, this is a must watch. It has everything you want and then some for any movie goer. Just be ready for one wild ride!!!

Real Rating:

4.5 Bluetooth Headsets

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