Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness can be a little underwhelming, but it is still an enjoyable and fun film to watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Wongs Getting Knocked Out

What I Like:

-You get everything you expect in a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film, great fun action, especially with Doctor Strange’s mystical powers, it is fun and enjoyable to see, I also enjoyed the new character America Chavez who contributes to the story very well
-Director Sam Raimi’s touch is in this, and I really enjoyed the horror or tense moments he brings, brings a different tone which I can get behind on
-Without spoiling it, a big twist makes it a big part of the story, and it is something big and enjoyable to watch, especially if you are a Marvel fan, movies or comics

The So So:

-With all the theories fans were talking about, it made me hope to see it all go down, however, a lot of it didn’t happen, it made it underwhelming for me, don’t get me wrong, the other surprises were great, but it kind of left me wanting more

What I Didn’t Like:

-The one character we knew was going to be there was Patrick Stewart as Professor X which pays great homage to the original animated series, but I wish I didn’t know that, and become pleasantly surprised when he shows up, it would’ve mad the moment so much greater and enjoyable to see (smh)


It is everything you need in a MCU Dr. Strange type of movie. Great action, some fun, more character development for Strange, some good laughs, and surprises. With the great touch of director Sam Raimi. Unfortunately, it is a victim of too much fan theories and expectations which made it underwhelming. Though I don’t believe it will have The Last Jedi effect, it will still remain positive for opening the door to a bigger world and future stories with Dr. Strange. That is something to look forward to. With all that said, please fans don’t give too much expectations with your theories, and people who make trailers, keep the surprises of the film to the bare minimum. It would make the movie that much more special!!!

Real Rating:

4 Wongs Getting Knocked Out

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