Firestarter is the epitome of a B movie, the subpar acting, story, and special effects, but most of all, it wasn’t scary!!!

Real Rating:

2 Pyromaniacs

What I Like:

-That it was set in New England

The So So:

-I do believe the premise of the story had potential, but there was so many plotholes, I didn’t get the reasons or motives for what it is happening to merit the ending it gave

What I Didn’t Like:

-The acting was bad for the most part, especially Charlie, she was not menacing enough
-The special effects and CGI looked cheap
-Lastly, it wasn’t scary, let alone , it wasn’t even tense enough for me to really care what happens


This is another Stephen King book that has been butchered badly. The acting was subpar, the special effects were horrific, story didn’t quite make sense, and it wasn’t scary or tense. The film didn’t delivered enough for a somewhat intriguing premise. Bottomline is, don’t waste your time with this one!!!

Real Rating:

4 Pyromaniacs

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