The Bob’s Burgers Movie

I believe true fans will enjoy The Bob’s Burgers Movie, for everyone else, it is a decent comedy with their sets of cliches!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Burger Patties

What I Like:

-From a person who hasn’t seen the show, I did enjoy the characters, as quirky they are, they do have great personalities with a sense of realism as well, I do like the true emotion they show in their given situation
-H. Jon Benjamin has a great voice, I love him in Archer, and here I enjoy the great blend of comedy and realism in his character of Bob Belcher

The So So:

-Their comedy is a blend of quirky weirdness and deadpan which fans of the show will definitely enjoy, for me, it made me chuckle with dialogue which is amusing at times

What I Didn’t Like:

-The overall story is cliched, and it does seem like an extended episode season finale instead of a movie


It’s hard for me to write a review on a movie based on a show I haven’t watched. With that said, I can see why people really like this show. The characters are quirky and do show a great sense of realism as well. The comedy may be good for fans, but for me, it is ok at best. Lastly, it did seem like an extended episode than a movie with its cliched storyline. Bottomline, fans will enjoy it. As for me, I will always enjoy hearing the voice of H. Jon Benjamin in his comedy!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Burger Patties

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