Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick had a really enjoyable action and story, until the third act happened, which was eye rolling!!!

Real Rating:

4 Cockpits

What I Like:

-I always said that the movie Top Gun was overrated because of a lack of plot, but the story in this one is far better than the original, it had some depth and gives you something to care about, not just a bunch of guys having a measuring contest
-The action is awesome, really make you feel like you’re actually flying with them, it kept you engaged from beginning to end

The So So:

-I did say the story was better than the original, with that said, it wasn’t perfect, it is a little formulaic and some reliance on nostalgia, but it was a story that worked enough to give the thrills and enjoyment

What I Didn’t Like:

-I was all in the first two thirds of the movie, then the third act happened which to me was eyerollingly bad, I can’t say much cuz of spoilers, but all I can say is, the ending could’ve been a lot better


I liked this film better than the first one. Though, it is not saying much because I thought the first one was overrated. You get everything you need in a Tom Cruise movie. At least this time around, the story is something that makes it more engaging, thrilling, and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the third act really made the difference from a good movie, to a great movie. Let’s just say, it all depends on how you view Tom Cruise, and the decision may be made!!!

Real Rating:

4 Cockpits

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