Interceptor has all the ingredients for a bad movie, however, it can be thrilling in a cliched sort of way!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Inappropriate Chris Hemsworth Cameos

What I Like:

Elsa Pataky’s character, as Captain J.J. Collins, was pretty BA

The So So:

-Part of the character development for Collins was her life being tortured after speaking up for being sexually harassed by a general, too me it was a little too heavy handed and not too much emphasis, but it does speak volumes of how strong she really is
-It was thrilling with the fights, action, and drama, but it all happened in cliched sort of ways, at least it wasn’t greatly outrageous where it just looked stupid, it was enough to keep you thrilled

What I Didn’t Like:

-It had everything it needed for a bad B movie, some bad acting, a quick but dumb story, bad dialogue, stereotypical characters, over the top sequences, things that don’t really make sense at all, and things that are way too cliched, put it all together, and you get this movie


It is a dumb but thrilling movie. It makes sense why this is on Netflix. I give credit to Elsa Pataky for being a tough minded, BA women fighting for everything. It is not a great movie by any retrospect, but at least it wasn’t boring. All I can say is that if you’re bored, maybe give this film a try. Other than that, I wouldn’t highly recommend it!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Inappropriate Chris Hemsworth Cameos

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