Lightyear may not have the great Pixar story, but it is still a fun sci-fi greatly animated film!!!

Real Rating:

4 Mechanical Kittens

What I Like:

-This is a fun film, a cool sci-fi adventure, I was engaged throughout, and the fact is that it really came into its own, and not another Toy Story movie
-Another reason why it was great is because of its animation, it was awesome to see, especially in theaters
-I thought Chris Evans voicing Buzz Lightyear was a breathe of fresh air, and really came into his own voicing a more serious Buzz, like a respected hero, the rest of the voice cast was great, but Peter Sohn voicing the character Sox, the mechanical cat, really steals the show

The So So:

-The story wasn’t up to Pixar standards, there wasn’t anything new to the table other than a typical sci-fi story, however, it still brings some emotional moments, even though its brief, its there, and the writing to make it a sci-fi action was good enough, just not great

What I Didn’t Like:

-The twist does leave me with some questions that probably won’t be easily answered


If it didn’t have the pressures of a Pixar movie, this film would be good on its own. I do believe that once you get into that universe, you forget that it is a spin off from the Toy Story franchise. The sci-fi writing does make it a fun adventure along with the great voice cast, and great animation. I do believe you need to see it in IMAX to really get the full feel of it. Probably will take you places lightyears away, or maybe to infinity and beyond!!!

Real Rating:

4 Mechanical Cats

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