Elvis may follow the biopic tropes, but I found the story of the iconic singer fascinating with superb acting!!!

Real Rating:

4 Soda Bottles

What I Like:

-I have to commend the acting, most notably Austin Butler playing the role of Elvis Presley, Butler captured his demeanor and singing very well, and Tom Hanks playing his manager, Col. Tom Parker, with the make up and acting, sometimes I forgot that it is Tom Hanks playing this role, and a manipulative evil role which is something Hanks usually doesn’t do, the acting really made this movie

The So So:

-Even though it follows all the biopic tropes, I found this story of the life of Elvis, I found it amusing the whole story of Elvis getting into trouble for moving his hips to much, and the manipulation of Col. Parker, but seeing the downfall of Elvis was tragic to see
-Director Baz Luhrmann really added a lot of pizazz especially in the intro in the beginning, and the transitions which is fine, but in the beginning with the graphics and fast editing made me lightheaded from all the craziness, maybe I am getting old, but still, I respected Luhrmann’s craft

What I Didn’t Like:

-Not much I really hated, but since it was a biopic of Elvis’ full life, I thought the different aspects have gone too quickly, and concentrated on his singing and performances a little too much, but maybe I’m being nitpicky


Yes, this follows the whole formula of a biopic on Elvis Presley’s whole life. With all that said, I did find his life story fascinating and tragic. The acting from Austin Butler as the iconic singer, and Tom Hanks as his manager is what made this film great. I wasn’t too familiar with his life story, and I’m surprised this biopic was made sooner. Regardless, his life story is fascinating and fan of his music or not (I’m not), it is a good watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Soda Bottles


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