Minons: The Rise of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru is a lot better than the other Minions movie, and maybe better than the other films, I guess the zaniness is starting to open up to me!!!

Real Rating:

4 Stupid Twinkies

What I Like:

-What really made this Minions movie work is that it had a good story not just for them, but for Gru as well, it was good enough to keep my attention, and even had heart to it, plus all the zaniness made it funny
-What also worked was the voice cast, it was great to hear Steve Carell as a young Gru, and the strong cast of the Vicious 6 which included Taraji P. Henson and Alan Arkin, plus Julie Andrews plays Gru’s mom, how is that not awesome?

The So So:

-It does have its cliches, but they do make fun of itself for that
-Also, what I didn’t like about the last Minions movie is that it was way too much Minions for my likeing that it got annoying, in this one, it had a good balance of Minions plus Gru and other things, it made the zaniness more tolerable even though some parts may have go on longer than it should

What I Didn’t Like:

-I did have some questions about continuity with the other films


I always thought the Despicable Me franchise was decent at best, but the Minions movie was just too much zaniness. With this film, I thought it had a good blend of Minions, Gru, and all the other things pertaining to this story. It made me laugh, and the story actually brings a lot of heart to it. I actually enjoyed this more than the other films. Maybe I am starting to warm up to it, but at least I wasn’t bored and too much annoyed by it!!!

Real Rating:

4 Stupid Twinkies


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