The Gray Man (Sidenote: Downton Abbey: A New Era)

The Gray Man has everything we love from the Russo Brothers, but the story was all one big cliche!!!

Real Rating:

3 Ryan Gosling’s Groans

What I Like:

-The action was pretty good, it is everything you love from the Russo brothers, the fight scenes were gritty, and the explosions and car chases were fun, makes it worth it to watch on Netflix
-The cast was pretty good, playing with some intensity, especially Chris Evans playing the villain, he was crazily fun

The So So:

-Ryan Gosling’s character was a fun secret agent, however, given his past movies and his future role as Ken in the Barbie movie, it is really hard for me to take him seriously as an action star, he has the looks, but not the coolness of an action hero, so the jury is still out for him as an action hero

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story is basically every spy action movie in the past 25 years, it is one big cliche, and it is getting, if not already, really old, I mean right from the beginning, you know how it is going to go, and it makes it whatever
-Some of the scenes were too dark for me to follow, and I hate it when movies do that, especially for an action movie
-That mustache on Chris Evans really was not working for him, looks like a wannabe 80’s cop who is corrupt


For the most expensive Netflix movie ever you get the best and worst of a Netflix movie. The best is the fun action you always get with the Russo brothers, and a very solid cast. The worst is the storyline is one big action/secret agent movie cliche that we all have seen before. It’s like Netflix was banking on something great, but wants to keep its characteristics in their movies. With all that said, it is a fun movie to watch at home. Just don’t expect anything great!!!

Real Rating:

3 Ryan Gosling’s Groans

(Sidenote: Downton Abbey: A New Era – I am not a fan of this show, or the the first movie. With all that said, I was intrigued with the whole old movie filming concept, and the story with the French villa. After a while, I started to get bored with all this rich British people drama. These films are just not for me, but it wasn’t as boring as the past film!!!
Real Rating: 3 Film Reels)


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