Prey is that sequel that went back to its roots from the first movie, and actually made a thrilling and fun movie featuring the Predator!!!

Real Rating:

4 Comanche Warriors

What I Like:

-The reason this prequel is successful is because it finally went back to what made the first Predator movie good, that is the intensity and creepiness of know the Predator is around but it doesn’t show up until it jumps at you, that is an effective way of story telling, keep it creepy and not show the monster until the climax of the story
-The setting for this film works very well, first the representation of the Comanche Natives in the 1700s gives it some great authenticity, with the Predator which is still fairly advanced but the weapons are not too futuristic but still kept the essence of the Predator we all know well, and the cinematography of everything does give it a great landscape for the fun battles that will ensue
-The action scenes is what we love the most of this franchise, and this one did not disappoint, the violence and gore was excellent, and the way it showed how unfair this battle is, makes it even more interesting

The So So:

-I didn’t like how even for Comanche Natives they still have their bias towards woman, it was very heavy handed in that regard, regardless, it does make good character development for Naru and her relationships with everybody, I just wish they do it a better way instead of the cliche of stereotyping the woman negatively

What I Didn’t Like:

-I didn’t like it that the Comanche Natives spoke English, and yes, Hulu did have a version where it is dubbed in the Comanche dialect, but I saw pieces of it, and it doesn’t look right, what they should’ve done is like how they did in the film Apocalypto, where they have the Natives speak in their tongue and put English subtitles, it would’ve worked a lot better, and make it more authentic
-This film should’ve been in the theaters and enjoyed from there, instead of Hulu


Can they every make a sequel or prequel of The Predator? The answer is yes they can with Prey. It really went back to the roots of the original Predator movie, and made it creepy and thrilling. The Predator was scary again, and the battles and violence just made it a really fun watch with many thrills in it. It is not perfect, but it is better than any sequel we got. It is worth getting Hulu to watch, but this should’ve been in theaters!!!

Real Rating:

4 Comanche Warriors


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