Fall wasn’t perfect, but it did its job to make it thrilling!!!

Real Rating:

4 Vultures

What I Like:

-For a film about to people stuck in a very high tower, it did its job to make it thrilling enough for us to sit there for almost two hours, just seeing how high this tower is, and how small the space between these two young ladies does give you a chill right down your spine
-The other reason why it was interesting for two hours up in a tower is the conversation between these two ladies dealing with grief, overcoming adversity, the will to survive, and a couple twists in between, it did keep me engaged

The So So:

-Without spoiling it too much, there was a point where I thought logic was thrown out the window, but with its twists it sort of made sense, it will catch you off guard and be like “what?”, but then be like “oh, now that makes sense,” it is something that can be criticized or dissected more
-The early character development may be cliched and even cringeworthy, but it does develop a lot better as the movie progresses

What I Didn’t Like:

-The acting was pretty subpar, and you definitely notice it at the beginning


In the end, the film did its job. It is a real thriller in the end. I can only imagine people with acrophobia watching this film. There are some elements which could’ve been better, but for the main point of this film it does exactly that. From the beginning of the climbing treck, until the end, I was very clenched up with seeing the level of danger it shows, and seeing the will to survive is what makes this film worth a watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Vultures