Me Time

Me Time should’ve been funnier, but it just felt all over the place, and in the end, disappointingly not funny!!!

Real Rating:

2 Songs by Seal

What I Like:

-There were some moments that did have me chuckle, and it is really because of Kevin Hart’s antics that we all know and love

The So So:

-The chemistry between Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg (The Great Marky Mark), did seem off, but I’m guessing it is supposed to be off because they haven’t seen each other for a while, but then they should’ve rekindled that in the end, but it still felt off
-I did enjoy the gender swap of seeing Kevin Hart as a dedicated stay at home dad, but with that said, I felt they doubled down too much on this character role and it just made him a pompously unlikeable character

What I Didn’t Like:

-It just wasn’t funny as it was supposed to be, I wasn’t expecting Ted or Ride Along, but I did expect to laugh more with a duo of Kevin Hart and The Great Marky Mark, instead we got too much slapstick, forced, and even gross humor
-The story just felt too rushed with all the problems they put on, and stupidly solved


Even for a Netflix film, I felt this should’ve been better than it really is. I wasn’t expecting perfection, but at least I expected to laugh some more. Instead, it just all fell way to flat that Flat Earthers would even deny it. I don’t know, but add another dud in the films from Netflix!!!

Real Rating:

2 Songs from Seal


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