Samaritan may follow some old tropes, but the grittiness it brings makes it a decent watch!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Fixable Junk

What I Like:

-I thought this role was perfect for Sylvester Stallone, an old retired superhero that wants to be left alone, he really hit it out of the ballpark
-The theme of grittiness really sets the tone for this film, and why the action is just a pure slugfest, you can absorb the environment, and really get a feel for what the people in this film are going through

The So So:

-It does follow some tropes, like a kid meeting his/her hero and are greatly disappointed at first, but then they form a relationship after the hero beats up their bullies, you know, like almost a lot of action/hero movies, but it does work out for this film, even though you lose a touch of reality after that
-Without spoiling it, the twist is a good twist, but it didn’t expound on it afterwards, they just rushed it until the end

What I Didn’t Like:

-As I said before, a rushed ending, and some plot holes during the story really pushed it down to a decent movie


All in all, it was a decent movie to watch. I believe the role of Samaritan was perfect for Sylvester Stallone, and add the gritty dark theme to it really makes it a good setting for the main part of the story. It could’ve been a even better story if it didn’t have to rely on the tropes big time, rushed their ending, and tie up some plot holes. Other than that, it is worth the watch on Amazon Prime Video!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Fixable Junk


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