Pinocchio (Sidenote: Men)

This live action remake of the classic Pinocchio may look a lot better, but some of the “major” changes really didn’t work for me!!!

Real Rating:

3 Puppets

What I Like:

-The CGI works very well, from the design of Pinocchio and other characters, Pleasure Island, and the Monstro scene really was eye pleasing, add to the great cinematography it blends really well
-Tom Hanks as Geppetto and Cynthia Erivo were great, and the voice cast was good to like Joseph Gordon-Levitt who actually sounds like Jiminy Cricket, and Keegan-Michael Key as Honest John was great as well
-The classic music is always a joy to hear, especially “When You Wish Upon a Star”

The So So:

-I like how they tie up some plot holes from the original movie, like why Geppetto wanted a boy, and things of that nature, but some of the things added created more plot holes or it just doesn’t make sense, like the ending for example, without spoiling it, I didn’t like it whatsoever, but in the end, it is the same old movie, the real problem with these live action remakes
-Luke Evans plays The Coachman, I like how they really made him a likable character at the beginning, but I didn’t think he was sinister enough in the end with his intentions, you see his manipulations, but in the original he was a very creepy and evil guy, here he was just a villain and that’s that

What I Didn’t Like:

-The way they try to make it funnier for this version, but I thought the comedy was either forced or unintentional comedy, meaning I was laughing with how dumb some things went
-The heavy handedness that it was a Disney movie like we really needed to know that


I enjoyed it for what it is, a recent version of a classic Disney tale, that looks a lot better, but it is the same old story. Maybe the kids of today will enjoy it, and it is not as creepy as the original version at the very least. However, for us who know this story very well may be not as impressed. Regardless, it is still an enjoyable watch for the family on Disney Plus. It is not perfect, but my expectations were lowered to begin with to make it enjoyable at the very least!!!

Real Rating:

3 Puppets

(Sidenote: Men – Add this to the weirdest movies of this year. It is a horror film about a woman on vacation being haunted by men who are different but looks exactly the same. It started to be creepily intriguing, but then it took a turn for the weirdness very quickly. The fact of this all is that I didn’t quite get the point of this film, and because of that it just all fell flat for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all, and it wasn’t horrific for me. Just gross!!!
Real Rating: 2 Creepy Men)