In Blonde, you can’t knock on Ana de Armas portrayal of her, but you can knock on the rest of the film!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Old Big Cameras with the Really Bright Flash

What I Like:

-It’s all about Ana de Armas, it was controversial when she was casted to play Marilyn Monroe, but she stood up to the challenge and killed this role, I didn’t hear any accent that other people try to say, I felt I was seeing a biopic of the late famous actress, she did well with what she got and then some

The So So:

-Director, Andrew Dominik, took some chances in making this film very artsy, most notably the changing between color and black and white in the picture which is something I did enjoy, but the other things he took chances on just seem straight up weird or too much, I wanted to see a story but it almost fell to the status of a Terrence Malick film which I don’t like

What I Didn’t Like:

-I wanted to see a biopic of the Marilyn Monroe, however, the focus in this film about her life just showed all the negative things that Monroe experienced in her life, I felt it showed too much trauma and not enough of the good things she has done in her life, it just became all too depressing for me to watch


I felt this biopic could’ve been a lot better. It’s focus on Marilyn Monroe’s life was the wrong focus. Too much traumatic experiences, and not enough good things she did. I felt the focus should of been the reverse, and give a better appreciation to her art. Instead, it was once big sad movie that was artful. The artfulness I sort of give, but at least the real good thing is that Ana de Armas killed in every scene she’s in. She is the only reason why it is worth a watch on Netflix. Other than that, watch at your own risk!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Old Big Cameras with the Really Bright Flash


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