The Greatest Beer Run Ever

The Greatest Beer Run Ever had good intentions, but overall it really wasn’t that exciting to watch!!!

Real Rating:

3 Beer Cans

What I Like:

-The acting was fine, Zac Efron was fine, Bill Murray was fine, Russell Crowe was fine, everything was fine

The So So:

-It does have a decent storyline about how the US was handling the Vietnam War where you have some people saying these soldiers are dying for nothing, while some say these soldiers are great heroes, and the Vietnam War treaded a thin line between that, with that said making the character, Chickie played by Zac Efron, realizing that was just a cliche way of seeing that instead of a true transformation

What I Didn’t Like:

-In the end, the storyline wasn’t effective enough, it was just about a guy going to Vietnam during the war and giving beer to his friends who are fighting in it, it wasn’t heroic, it wasn’t even impactful in ay way, it was just a quick youtube video about a feel good story


The thought was good about the politics of the Vietnam War, but the overall emphasis is really nothing for us to care about. There are a lot more effective films about the Vietnam War with more emotion than seeing Zac Efron weasel his way around situations and giving beer to his friends. At best, it is just a feel good movie, maybe!!!

Real Rating:

3 Beer Cans

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