In Amsterdam, there was a good story in there somewhere, but even this great cast was wasted in this slog!!!

Real Rating:

3 Eyes

What I Like:

-It had a great cast, and each actor and actress really did their best in this period piece, they definitely looked like they were enjoying their parts in this film
-The direction of David O. Russell was unique with its cinematography, and the focus on the eye of these characters is some interesting to watch

The So So:

There is a interesting conspiracy mystery story in this, but there was too much going on to really understand what is really going on, I believe if it stayed in one focus, it would’ve been a lot more effective film

What I Didn’t Like:

-The middle of the movie was slogfest, I kept losing my interest with all these unnecessary things they keep putting in, honestly, with its great cast, it was practically wasted in the drabness of the script


This movie could’ve been better than what it put out. You have such a great and talented cast, and it was wasted by really poor story execution. The premise was wasted as well, and in the end, it was just plain mediocre. It could’ve been a fun period piece, but instead, I had a lullaby!!!

Real Rating:

3 Eyes


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