The Curse of Bridge Hollow (Sidenote: Clerks 3 and The Black Phone)

The Curse of Bridge Hollow is campy and at time dumb, but it flowed well with some actual good special effects!!!

Real Rating:

3 Vegan Baked Goods

What I Like:

-I was surprised on how good the special effects were, it made the action scenes fun and watchable

The So So:

-With Marlon Wayans antics and the campiness of a kid’s movie, this one was tolerable to watch, you just have to lower your expectations, and enjoy it for what it is

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story is a cliched Halloween movie
-Lauren Lapkus Boston accent was cringy


Once again, you have to lower your expectations of a Netflix movie featuring Marlon Wayans. Once you do, it may not be as bad as you think will be. Don’t expect perfection by any means. The campiness and comedy is tolerable enough to actually laugh and enjoy. The good special effects does make it worth your while as well. Just grab you family, and enjoy it for what it is!!!

Real Rating:

3 Vegan Baked Goods

(Sidenote: Clerks 3 – This film is really for the fans of this franchise and Kevin Smith in general. If you understand everything, you can really laugh at their antics and comedy. It actually had an emotional part to it which is genius. In the end, it is just another Clerks movie being nostalgic for its past movies, but you can enjoy the ending of this trilogy!!!
Real Rating: 4 Convenience Stores)

(Sidenote: The Black Phone – This thriller is creepy, and I give credit to Ethan Hawke’s acting as the creepy kidnapper. The kid acting was pretty good as well. It is dark, maybe too dark for me, but I enjoyed the story and theme that it brings out. If you can stomach the dark themes, you can enjoy this film!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Black Balloons)