Till is a good period piece drama that was supplanted by the acting of Danielle Deadwyler!!!

Real Rating:

4 Trains

What I Like:

-What makes this a must watch is seeing the acting of Danielle Deadwyler as Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett Till, her emotions throughout this film is powerful to watch
-The cinematography in this is amazing, the shots were bright in a dark time in history
-The rest of the film does have good acting, and every part of each person makes it impactful on what happened during that time

The So So:

-The story has one main focus, and that is during and the aftermath of the murder of Emmett Till, it may show a little bit on how this help jump start the Civil Rights Movement, but I wanted to see more of that impact, regardless, it is still impactful in its own right

What I Didn’t Like:

-Nothing really, it is a good period piece movie that is impactful to watch


This is a must watch. The themes that it brings out can be relatable today. That is the scary part. With all that said, the acting was superb, especially Danielle Deadwyler, and the cinematography was amazing. Seeing this story unfold and the impact it made is something we can learn and appreciate. That is what it meant to be!!!

Real Rating:

4 Trains