Wendell and Wild

Wendell and Wild is a greatly animated movie with some strengths, but it is not my cup of tea!!!

Real Rating:

3 Hair Cream Bottles

What I Like:

-The stop-motion animation is superb, films have come a long way since The Nightmare Before Christmas, it is amazing to see
-The voice cast is great too, everybody knew their part and executed well, especially Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele
-The representation was also great, it wasn’t heavy handed and flowed with the story well

The So So:

-I am disappointed that this film ended on Netflix, let alone it wasn’t advertised very well, I felt like this can be enjoyed on the big screen, but what can we do

What I Didn’t Like:

-With all the good things said, it wasn’t my cup of tea, it is weird, and the whole thing dealing with demons and possessions and what not, just didn’t sit right with me, plus all the weirdness just added more cringe to my taste


Even though it is not a movie for me, I can understand why people would enjoy this. Add the voice cast and animation plus a pretty good story, it all makes to a decent film to watch on Netflix. The themes does flow well with the main story, and you can be entertained by it. What more can I say, watch it if you like!!!

Real Rating:

3 Hair Cream Bottles