Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

As a movie it was a decent action story, but from an emotional standpoint it was great!!!

Real Rating:

4 Killer Whales

What I Like:

-What really stands out for me was the story of Namor and his people, it really brought a lot of Mayan culture with their clothes, story, language, and culture, the representation made me proud, and yet it still kept the essence of the character of Namor like what happened in the comics
-The acting was pretty solid all around
-THe cinematography of the city of Boston was great as well
-The emotion it gave in their tribute of Chadwick Boseman, from the funeral, the Marvel intro, his inspiration, and seeing the characters grieve for his death made me feel like I’m grieving along with them, pretty powerful stuff

The So So:

-A story of two cities with different ideologies going to war is a bit cliched, but the action really made up for it, showing each side their true power and why they are forces to be reckoned with

What I Didn’t Like:

-The whole US being the US wasn’t shown enough, just unpack their evilness, but they really didn’t
-Let’s just say the obvious was pretty obvious if you all get my drift


I thought the first Black Panther movie had a better story. With that said, this story was good enough to keep my attention. Give credit to the action, acting, and making some aged old comic characters to something better and more culturally represented. The emotional impact is strong in this one, and that in itself makes it worthwhile to watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Killer Whales