Slumberland may have good moments, but it is one cliched mess!!!

Real Rating:

3 Pigs

What I Like:

-It is a kids movie with a lot of good emotion about dealing with tragic loss and learning how to cope and movie on, the themes here are there effectively
-Jason Momoa is Jason Momoa, and it is what we all love about him playing a being named Flip
-Pig was the best part of the film

The So So:

-The special effects are come and go, some parts look cool, while other parts looked like bad CGI or green screen

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is a movie we have all seen before with all the cliches and tropes, honestly, I thought this was a Disney movie for a second, it just wasn’t original


With all the special moments, times that by two with the cliches and tropes. The CGI and special effects were not effectively great, but you get some charm from Jason Momoa. With all that said, it is a film from Netflix where you can watch with the family. What more can you ask for when it comes to Netflix!!!

Real Rating:

3 Pigs


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