Disenchanted didn’t really have the magic like the original film, but even with all the nice color and new songs, the title really speaks for itself!!!

Real Rating:

3 Talking Chipmunks Turning to Evil Cats

What I Like:

– The color and the cinematography is eye catching for sure
-The acting was good to, not only you get the people you already know, but the new characters does add some needed depth

The So So:

-Some of the songs are fun to listen to, but not all the music were hits, there were some misses too

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story didn’t do it for me, it almost felt like a remake of an old Disney fairy tale, it was wasn’t as original or fun as the first film


I can see why some films go straight to Disney+, because they are probably not good enough to be box office hits, especially today. With this film, there are some good, but there were also some unoriginal things. It didn’t have the fun and magic like the first film, and it definitely wasn’t fresh. The acting and singing were good, but not everything was great. I don’t know, maybe the title was a warning, because everything felt disenchanted!!!

Real Rating:

3 Talking Chipmunks Turning to Evil Cats


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