Devotion (Sidenote: Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend)

Devotion, despite its flaws, it is a good and inspirational watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Wings

What I Like:

-It is a good story based on true events, it deals with many different themes, but the biggest one is about a black naval pilot defying the odds just to serve in the navy and be the best pilot he can be, it can be very inspiring
-Jonathan Majors acted his very best, it was strong, intimidating, and passionate, you enjoy what he puts into his character

The So So:

-Unlike Top Gun: Maverick which does share some similarities, it focuses on the characters more and the friendship they develop, instead of the action, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, for me it is good enough, but it could use some more plane actions

What I Didn’t Like:

-It did lag at some parts, where I’m like, ok get to the point, like I get some parts is about developing friendships and character, but it was too much if you ask me


Simply put, it is a good, inspirational, and historical movie. We don’t get much movies about the Korean War, and I’m glad to see something in that point of history. Jonathan Majors was great in his role, and I did enjoy the drama. I just wish there was a little bit more war action. Regardless, it is still a good watch!!!

Real Rating:

4 Wings

(Sidenote: The Man Behind the Legend – Let’s just say you pay to see something great, and all you get was appetizers. That is what happened in this movie. You get some car action, history of the cars, and problems. The issue is, the problems don’t get resolved which created the worst ending I’ve seen in years. So watch it at your own risk, cuz you will be disappointed!!!
Real Rating: 2 Lambos)


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