Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Sidenote: Pearl)

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody does follow the biopic tropes, but the acting and music does keep you afloat!!!

Real Rating:

3 Record Labels

What I Like:

-The acting is what makes this good to watch especially Naomi Ackie as Whitney Houston, she does capture her voice and essence in what made Whitney Houston special, I also enjoyed Stanley Tucci as Clive Davis being the voice of reason for Houston, it was a special relationship
-I also enjoyed hearing the music, it does bring me back for sure

The So So:

-Nitpicky here, but there were some songs I was looking forward to, When You Believe is one of them, but wasn’t in the film, but you do get enough good music

What I Didn’t Like:

-It follows all the biopic formula to a t, and because of the that there were a lot of plotholes, there were moments that were left underdeveloped just to move the story forward it could’ve been more effective with some of their subplots, there were a lot of missed opportunities with this biopic


I believe they could’ve told a better story about legendary singer Whitney Houston. Instead they just followed the biopic formula, and lost a lot of effectiveness. Regardless, the acting and music is what keeps things afloat. Just sit back and relax, and enjoy the music. That is what I did, and you can like it for what it is!!!

Real Rating:

3 Record Labels

(Sidenote: Pearl – This is a prequel to the film X, about the character Pearl who was the old murderous woman in the original film. It is weird and creepy, but the character development is good enough, and great acting by Mia Goth. However, I had to ask myself, “Why should I care about her, and how she became a weird murderer?” It is a good question. As for me, I didn’t really care enough for me to like this movie!!!
Real Rating: 2.5 Axes)


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