Babylon is just intense sequences that sort of tell about the rise and fall of the Golden Age in Hollywood!!!

Real Rating:

4 Parties

What I Like:

-Director Damien Chazelle really tried to outdo himself with a lot of these scenes, most notably the first party scene which is just wild images after wild images of intense craziness, I also enjoyed the crazy filming scenes which also looked intense
-I did enjoy seeing the main characters of this film, Margot Robbie was great, Brad Pitt was phenomenal, and Diego Calva showed some great emotion in his role as well
-I thought the soundtrack of this film was great with its old school jazz music

The So So:

-The story is about the rise and fall of the Golden Age in Hollywood with the three main characters, it is very sporadic with their subplots which can require some effort to follow, but the theme is very clear and it is interesting to see all the things Hollywood has to go through when transitioning from silent films to film with sound

What I Didn’t Like:

-Did it have to be three hours? Definitely not, there were some things that they could’ve cut to make watching this less enduring


This is a spectacle to see. If you enjoy craziness, you will like this film. If you enjoy good old school music, you will enjoy this film. If you enjoy fine acting by great actors, you will enjoy this film. However, if you don’t like to endure three hours, don’t go. If you want a story that is easy to follow, don’t go. If you’re a prude, definitely don’t go. There is a lot of stuff going on, but if you enjoy films, then this is a must watch for sure!!!

Real Rating:

4 Parties


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