White Noise

White Noise was uneven greatly in tone, but the peculiar acting made it interesting enough!!!

Real Rating:

3 Crashes

What I Like:

-The acting in this was strange, but in a way worked out, especially Adam Driver as a college professor with the expertise on Hitler, and the rest of the family which they all have their quirks which made it interesting to watch

The So So:

-The comedy is hit or miss, there were some parts that made me laugh, and other parts that were too weird for me to understand

What I Didn’t Like:

-It had some tonal differences from the first half to the second half which really threw me off, at first it looked like a character study film, then to a sci-fi pic, then to a soap opera, and even it even had some horror themes to it, it didn’t really pick their main theme and go through with it, instead it just became a confusing story


Despite the quirky acting and the interesting premise, the tonal shifts really brought it down. I wish they stuck to a theme and stay put, and maybe it could’ve been better. It did come from a famous book in the 80’s which was considered unfilmable. Funny, cuz once they did it, I can see why!!!

Real Rating:

3 Crashes