The Whale

The Whale is an interesting case study with a great performance by Brendan Fraser!!!

Real Rating:

4 Nurses

What I Like:

-What makes this worth the watch is watching Brendan Fraser playing his role, I liked seeing him as an online English teacher, a person trying to make right with his daughter, and seeing him go through the past pains in his life, it is intriguing to watch

The So So:

-It is an interesting case study to see unfold, seeing a person in that manner trying to live his life with his condition, although some of things that went down, especially with his estranged family, happened way too fast, it is still interesting to see how things unfolded
-Is the film fat shaming? Yes and no, the yes I will explain in the next section, but it is pretty accurate on how tough life is when you are morbidly obese and having a tough time dealing with simple things, and seeing the mental health of a person who is that way is a reality we all need to learn and care for these type of people

What I Didn’t Like:

-The yes of fat shaming is seeing the reactions of people seeing him for the first time, and how they perceive things for him, this is why they go through major mental health problems because they still are not perceived as normal people, a common misconception that does need to stop


As I said before, it is a good case study to learn of a life of man dealing with his all the things physically, socially, and mentally. What makes this film great is watching Brendan Fraser showing all of his dealings with everything. He put great work into his performance, and I do believe he might win the Oscar for Best Actor. Good for him if that happens!!!

Real Rating:

4 Nurses


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