Triangle of Sadness (Sidenote: Smile)

Triangle of Sadness may drag with their comedy and heavy handedness on their theme, but there are some moments that can make you think!!!

Real Rating:

3 Yachts

What I Like:

-There are some moments here that I enjoy, whether it is a comedic conversation, or issues that they are trying to resolve that make you think, it comes in spurts but it is worth your patience for a little bit

The So So:

-I felt that Woody Harrelson seemed like he didn’t belong in this film, don’t get me wrong, he was great in his role, but his presence felt distracting to me compared to the rest of the cast, I guess Harrelson does demand a presence for sure

What I Didn’t Like:

-I felt there were a lot of dull moments, especially in the beginning where the conversations really didn’t hit me directly, it can get boring after a while
-The theme that wealthy people are bad is way too heavy handed as well


It was an ok film at best for me. It does have its moments with it’s little comedy and conversations/arguments, but it does drag a lot as well. Let alone the theme about how bad wealthy people can act is way too heavy handed. The acting was decent, especially Woody Harrelson’s presence, but maybe director, Ruben Östlund, could’ve gave the characters more livelihood I guess. Regardless, for those moments it can be worth a watch. You just have to be patient watching this when it comes!!!

Real Rating:

3 Yachts

(Sidenote: Smile – I have to say, this is a horror film that was worth all the praise it received. It was creepy, it had a good horror/psychological tension with it, and had some jump scares that were earned. Yes some jump scares were there just for the sake of a jump scare which is why I hate horror movies. However, when it gives you that horror/thrilling tension, to me that is what makes a horror movie great. Plus those creepy smiles will haunt you!!!
Rating: 4 Smiles)


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