Argentina, 1985 (Sidenote: Barbarian)

Argentina, 1985 is a fascinating story and great acting during a tense time in Argentina history, even with the usual law story drag!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Trials

What I Like:

-The acting is what really makes this film fascinating to watch, Ricardo Darín as lawyer, Julio César Strassera, was phenomenal, the stress and his work ethic in one of the most important trials in Argentina history was all so great to watch
-The story showing the tension not only with the lawyers and people affected with the trial, but for a whole country oppressed by military rule, it is something to see

The So So:

-There is some comedy which made me laugh, but did felt out of place for this film

What I Didn’t Like:

-As usual with films about law and trials, it can drag with all the research and stuff, if only they could’ve made that more thrilling and engaging


It is a decent foreign film. The acting and the story is fascinating. Even if you are just reading the subtitles, you can feel the emotion and tension with everybody. It may be the best foreign film of 2022, and it does feel good seeing the country of Argentina continue on their winning ways!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Trials

(Sidenote: Barbarian – This is another horror flick that received a lot of good ratings. It does seem interesting at first, but once it started to hit the climax, the mysteriousness lost its luster. It pretty much became that same old type of horror film that does not quite do it for me in the end. It actually does have a very weird twist!!!
Real Rating: 3 Underground Tunnels)