She Said

She Said is an interesting watch despite being a journalistic trope!!!

Real Rating:

4 Interviews

What I Like:

-The story is interesting, and seeing how these true events unravel is fascinating to see, and it wasn’t too heavy handed, it flowed pretty well
-The acting by the two leads, Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan, were amazing to watch in action

The So So:

-I do like a good film on journalism, there is something about it that keeps me engaged, but I am starting to see this becoming a big trope that could end up losing its mystique in telling these types of stories

What I Didn’t Like:

-Compared to other journalistic type of films, I felt the digging and research felt too rushed, like the stakes didn’t add high enough effort to make this more effective


I did enjoy this film. It may start to become a big old trope, but I was still entertained. The acting, the pacing, and the drama does keep you interested seeing how everything went down. It is not as good as Spotlight or The Post, but it is enjoyable nonetheless!!!

Real Rating:

4 Interviews