You People (Sidenote: A Man Called Otto)

You People has its moments, but in the end is just that same old cliched rom-com mess!!!

Real Rating:

2.5 Famous LA Eating Spots

What I Like:

-It does have some good dramatic moments especially dealing with the racial tensions, there is some substance in this film

The So So:

-The comedy was hit and miss and the misses has a lot of cringe, but when you combine Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus there will be some comedy gold

What I Didn’t Like:

-It had identity issues, did it want to be an effective movie about racial tensions Romeo and Juliet style, or a rom-com like all the other rom-coms we saw, regardless, I felt the rom-com stuff was just too eye rollingly cliched


I believe if it kept with the racial tension with some better comedic writing, this film would’ve been more effective than what it gave us. Some of the comedy was very cringy. Adding salt to the wound, in the end, it was just a rom-com cliched mess. The cast is great, but it is wasted on another mediocre Netflix movie. What more can I say about this!!!

(Sidenote: A Man Called Otto – Tom Hanks can’t really do any major wrongs for me. Here he plays a grumpy old man realizing his worth in the world. Yes, it does sound cliched, and does follow a formula, but in the end, it is some good and diverse heartwarming drama. Almost reminds me of the classic film Up, almost!!!
Real Rating: 4 Gates)


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