80 for Brady (Sidenote: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On)

80 for Brady has some up and down moments, but in the end it is a decent watch, especially if you’re a Patriots fan!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Superbowl Tickets

What I Like:

-A cast of Rita Moreno, Sally Field, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin makes it fun seeing the antics they get into, deliteful fun

The So So:

-As a comedy, there are a lot of hits and misses, some scenes are wholeheartedly funny, while the misses just created cricket noises
-I do believe that if you’re a Patriots fan you will enjoy this film, but if you’re not a Patriots fan, this film can really annoy you, especially for Falcons fans

What I Didn’t Like:

-There were some scenes that were dumb that made me say out loud, really now, especially with the slight ego tugging for you know who


It is one of those comedies where it can be a delight given the cast and circumstances the story brings. As a Patriots fan, I can learn to appreciate what it is trying to bring. With that being said, if you are not, it is just another movie with elegant actresses. Regardless of where you stand, I thought it was decent enough to enjoy it. A popcorn flick where all you do is sit back, relax, and laugh!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Superbowl Tickets

(Sidenote: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On – Another Oscar Review. There was a lot of hype with this film before I watch it. But, it did take me a while to get used to the weird premise and what not. People may find it cute, but I was just weirded out of the whole thing. With that being said, it does bring some good moments that people may like. It’s just not good enough for me!!!
Real Rating: 2.5 Talking Shells)


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