Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear is absurd as it sounds, it wasn’t a great movie, but entertaining enough!!!

Real Rating:

3 Kilos of Coke

What I Like:

-If you go in watching this film, you know what you’re getting yourself into, and it was entertaining enough for me to care to see what will happen next
-One of the reason why it was entertaining enough is because of the cast, Kerri Russell was good, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Jesse Tyler Ferguson was funny enough, and you get Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Ray Liotta playing like how we always see them from before, they really took this film serious

The So So:

-The plot is stupid, but at least they portray it as an absurd comedy, and that is what worked, for me it wasn’t funny enough, but you do have the curiosity to see what happens next

What I Didn’t Like:

-The bear looked like a CGI’d mess, and for a movie about a bear high on coke, I expected more bear action, it wasn’t enough for me


If you go in there expecting a great cultured movie, you will be greatly disappointed. If you go in to be entertained by absurd comedy, come right this way. It is what you pay for, and it was entertaining enough for me to see how it will end. Honestly, this film should’ve been on Netflix or something, but more power for the people who actually paid to see this!!!

Real Rating:

3 Kilos of Coke

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