Creed III (Sidenote: Woman Talking)

Creed III has practically everything you want with this franchise, despite the cliches, it is very real in its main story!!!

Real Rating:

4 Training Montages

What I Like:

-It is “practically” everything you want with the Rocky/Creed franchise, a story that is real and gritty, characters you really care for, and a great and unique final bout, what more can you ask for
-Jonathan Majors as the villain was tremendous, he is one of the realist protagonist that you haven’t seen in a while, let’s just say, there was great character development with him, and even throw in the extra development for Adonis Creed as well
-I loved the interactions between Creed and his daughter who is deaf, seeing them communicate and bond in sign language was something very special to see

The So So:

-Did it come with their usual cliches from this franchise, yes it does, but are they the cliches we all know and love because of this franchise, yes it is, at the very least, the final fight had a unique twist to it

What I Didn’t Like:

-This may be dumb, but seeing a Rocky/Creed film without the great Rocky Balboa did seem a little empty for me, I was at least hoping for a cameo, or even a funeral for him, it would’ve gave it a great touch for me


This is everything we love from the Rocky/Creed franchise. It is the cliches we love. The character development, the story, and the unique final fight was great, and I appreciate the realness it brought out. Yes there was no Rocky Balboa which still leaves a tinge of a bad taste in my mouth, but now you see a film about Adonis Creed really coming to its own story and move on. I’m not sure there will be more films of this franchise, but if this is the last one, it is a nice ending to it. Regardless, if there is more, I will be there to enjoy!!!

Real Rating:

4 Training Montages

(Sidenote: Woman Talking – An Oscar review. This was an interesting watch, especially when you learn the setting of this film dealing with Mennonite woman making their big decision of their lives after a horrific event. It is interesting to hear the dialogue, and hearing the pros and cons and opinions of each woman voting on what to do. With all that being said, that is all that it brings to the table. The title doesn’t deceive, but I expected more. Maybe this would’ve been better as a play!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Meetings)


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