Scream VI (Sidenote: Empire of Light)

Scream VI does what it suppose to do for a sequel of this franchise, the story maybe redundant, but the slashing kept me engaged!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Core Fours

What I Like:

-You come to see a slasher movie, and that is what you get, they did turn up on the violence, and what more do you need with the sequel of the requel
-For once the acting was good all around, not even one actor was cringy and that is rare for a horror slasher film
-I thought this Ghostface was more brutal, and I like it, he did bring out a lot of tension, especially the subway car scene

The So So:

-Yes, the story is getting way too redundant, but what more can you say, you come for the slashing and gore, not for an Oscar worthy story, with that said, I always enjoy trying to figure out the killer

What I Didn’t Like:

-The ending, as usual, is very disillusioned, and sometimes common sense is not there


A more brutal Ghostface, a lot more blood and gore, a change of scenery, and Jenna Ortega makes it for an expected fun slasher film. What more can you ask for? Is this franchise wearing out its welcome, and becoming derivative? Probably, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint. So as long it doesn’t make money, we are going to see more of Ghostface and brutal killings!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Core Fours

(Sidenote: Empire of Light – Another Oscar review. This has a good story about dealing with bipolar disorder, and a love story in between. There is also some subplots that were interesting, but some didn’t really pertain to the main story. Regardless, you do get some great acting, especially from Olivia Colman. Also, the cinematography was tremendous. It just lagged with some unnecessary things!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Old Theaters


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