John Wick: Chapter 4 (Sidenote: M3GAN)

John Wick: Chapter 4 elevated it’s pure entertaining action, and for once with a conclusion I can get behind on!!!

Real Rating:

4 Bullet Proof Suits

What I Like:

-It’s everything you want in a John Wick movie, and even more with its pure action scenes that was top notch entertaining
-The characters from before films, and the ones introduced in this one all played a good role not only in this film, but with all the films in this franchise, a lot of these characters bring a lot of charisma and fun
-The cinematography was top notch with their camera angles, creative action scenes, and color pallete, I’m willing to say that this film may deserve an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography

The So So:

-The story wasn’t that great, just a typical old revenge film, but if you’re watching it for the story, you’re watching it for the wrong reasons, with all that said I always criticized these films on their endings, but this one gives a conclusion I can get behind where it makes sense
-I always said this hot take, and I will say it again, Keanu Reeves is the worst actor that gets good roles, and this one is no different, his acting can be cringy, but his stunt work and action really made up for it and excels his role as John Wick

What I Didn’t Like:

-Being nit picky here, but how much abuse can John Wick take, and still leave with barely a scratch, not even a broken bone, I swear he has Wolverine’s healing power


This has been one of the best pure action movies I have seen in a while. The action, the fighting choreography, and the Oscar worthy cinematography really makes it a great popcorn flick you need to see in the theaters. It was almost three hours long, but you barely feel it when being entertained. This may be the best film in the franchise, and if this is the last one, then it is a good ending to a fun franchise. Here’s to the upper echelon of action films!!!

Real Rating:

4 Bullet Proof Suits

(Sidenote: M3GAN – This film was a little overhyped for me. I get the message behind it about people, in this case kids, obsession with technology that it can be deadly. To me it wasn’t thrilling enough, and honestly, it needed to be more violent. This type of film shouldn’t be PG-13, it should be a pure R film that was forced to be edited to keep it an R rating. But we all can enjoy that one very random dancing scene at least!!!
Real Rating: 3 Murderous Robots)


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