Tetris, who knew about this classic video game had so much drama, it is an interesting watch, despite its lagging moments!!!

Real Rating:

4 L Blocks

What I Like:

-I am a fan of the classic game of Tetris, but I didn’t know all the crap Henk Rogers, played by Taron Egerton, had to go through to obtain the rights to it, this film is a pure drama, and it was interesting to watch
-The acting is what makes this drama work, it made some thing minor to something major because of the acting
-I liked the 16 Bit graphics it shows on the frames from time to time, makes it fun from time to time

The So So:

-It does drag with all the conversations and legal jargon, but it does pertain to the story, you just have to deal with it until it gets to the good parts which are worth watching

What I Didn’t Like:

-After hearing an interview from the Henk Rogers, a lot of the drama has been exaggerated, which makes it disappointing, I guess the movie has to movie, unfortunately


For a classic game I truly enjoy playing, this film really blew my mind on all the legalities they had to endure to get the rights to the game. Even though th drama may drag, I enjoyed seeing how things went down and the payoff at the end. The acting, especially by Taron Egerton, really makes it a good drama. It makes me wonder what other video games had to endure all that!!!

Real Rating:

4 L Blocks


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