Renfield may be predictable, but it still has a comedic charm and bloodtastic action!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Bugs

What I Like:

-It was funny, I was laughing at many things with their dialogue, and that was one of the main reasons it kept me engaged
-The action was fun, I did expect some over the top stuff, and the bloodtastic action definitely did it for me, it became what I expected
-What made it work is the acting, Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula is what you expected, but I did like seeing Nicholas Hoult playing Renfield, he has a certain charm to his character for everyone to like

The So So:

-It was very, very predictable, but for a story like this, it worked, you have to make things so over the top, that you forget about the predictability, and that’s what happened

What I Didn’t Like:

-Awkafina’s voice as usual


You get what you expect with a Nic Cage movie nowadays, but add a charming Nicholas Hoult to this action/horror/comedy, you get something different and worthwhile of your watching. The bloody over the top action will keep you engaged, the comedic dialogue will make you laugh, and the rest of the acting will keep you entertained enough to forget how a predictable monster film it really is. There is rumors this might be part of the MonsterVerse which I don’t know how that works. At least it will make us forget that dreadful The Mummy movie, and have a bloody good time with Nic Cage as Count Dracula!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Bugs