The Covenant

The Covenant is a Guy Ritchie movie that had good action, but also some heart!!!

Real Rating:

4 Visas

What I Like:

-You get what you get in regards to action in a Guy Ritchie movie, in this case, some good war action, that was expected
-What wasn’t expected was the amount of heart this story was about honor, the leads Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim showed some great chemistry among themselves that showed some true professional emotion

The So So:

-Is it like any other war movie, yes it can be, is it heavy handed about how bad the military system is, yes it can be, but did it entertain, that is a yes as well

What I Didn’t Like:

-It is three things in one like a tv series where the themes are completely different, and it does seem disjointed at times


With all the tropes of a Guy Ritchie and a war film, this was entertaining to watch. It kept you engaged with the war action and thrills, and it gave heart with the main theme of the film which keeps you satisfied. I like films like this, because in the end, you feel motivated to do what is right. It does it’s job just right!!!

Real Rating:

4 Visas